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Full Day private Trip to Pyramids and Egyptian Museum FAQ's

Full Day private Trip to Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

This Cairo tour will take around arguably Cairo's most impressive attractions, the Great Pyramids of Giza and the fantastic Museum of Ancient Egyptian...


Ask a Question about Full Day private Trip to Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

Full Day private Trip to Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

Customer Questions for Full Day private Trip to Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

Asked By: Asked by Nadine Hirst
on 16th July 2018
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

It looks like we pay a deposit only on booking, could you please let me know when the balance is due.


Hello , you pay only 10% deposit on-line to complete your booking and the balance you will be paid in Egypt before the trip .

Asked By: Asked by Thomas
on 11th May 2018
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hi just looking at your Cairo tours just wonder what the full Day Tour Single Guest Supplement is and do you have to pay it?

Hello , this Single supplement you need to pay in case if you will be only one person into your booking because the most of our tours are private only so minimum number is 2 persons but if only one person so need to pay this single supplement .

Asked By: Asked by Jyoti
on 15th April 2018
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion


I am trying to book 3 tours from the website and adding one more from the buy 3, get 1 free list. But the basket has total amount of 4 trips.
Could you please help me with the same.

Just complete your booking and we will update it and make one trip for free !

Asked By: Asked by Jane
on 5th March 2018
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

If I book a day trip from Hurghada to Cairo (day trip) for 11 people 5 adults 6 kids would there be a special group price?

we will give 10% discount on the group booking !

Asked By: Asked by Hannah Stevens
on 4th February 2018
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Can we pay for excursions full upfront?

yes but this will be by bank transfer not by paypal ! please contact us via email to be able to give you all details !

Asked By: Asked by Peter
on 3rd February 2018
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hi. We are interested in the Cairo tour trip. Does this include entrance to go inside the pyramids?

Hi, This trip includes the entrance fees into the pyramids area and go inside one small pyramid there but not the great pyramid .

Asked By: Asked by Erica Fletcher
on 18th August 2017
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

im wanting to book some trips from hurghada obviously you pay a 10% deposit but when do I pay the remaining balance .. I also have a child under 3 I cant them on to any excursion it states they are free but do the trips still need to be aware they are going to be on the excursion many thanks

Hello , You pay only 10% deposit on-line to complete your booking and the balance you will pay while you are in Egypt before your trips ! your child will be with you on all your trips !

Asked By: Asked by Zainab Kudami
on 7th July 2017
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion


please email us to

Asked By: Asked by Ola Majiyagbe
on 21st May 2017
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hi, when paying a 10% deposit, how soon is the remainder of the payment required? And does the 10% apply to the total of all booked excursions?

Kind regards

You will pay the Balance in Egypt before your trip !

Asked By: Asked by Anna
on 13th March 2017
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hello, do your tours include ticket cost to access sites? Museums, historical sites etc...

All our tours includes the entrance fees on all mentioned sites .

Asked By: Asked by Stephanie
on 3rd March 2017
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

I was just wondering if these tours are open to everyone to book or just UK residents?

All our tours available for all people all over the world !

Asked By: Asked by Kathryn Young
on 23rd January 2017
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

How do we go about obtaining a visa for the Cairo by Plane tour please?

You can get the Egyptian visa upon your arrival and before you across the passport control at the airport .

Asked By: Asked by Jade
on 11th January 2017
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hello, If I pay a deposit, when does the remaining payment have to be made?

You will pay only 10% deposit online to complete your booking and the balance you will pay on the trip .

Asked By: Asked by Kimberley Carmichael
on 1st December 2016
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hi. Do you accept British ppunds or Egyptian pounds when you take the payment and can I pay for the whole excursion fully before arriving in egypt?

For sure you can pay for your trips the balance in Egypt in English pound or in Egyptian pound as you prefer .

Asked By: Asked by Kerry
on 21st September 2016
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion


How do we pay for the trips after paying the initial deposit?

You will pay the balance on the tour itself !

Asked By: Asked by Shakir
on 22nd July 2016
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hello there,

Is it okay if I come a bit later than the scheduled pick-up time from the hotel, in an other word: is the schedule flexible? I fly in usually between cities and so often the arrival time is a bit too tight till I reach the hotel and check-in. So, I am wondering if this would create a conflict. I want to go ahead and book the rest of the excursions, but hesitated now due to this situation.

Shakir H.

Dear Mr. Shakir , Yes for sure the pick up time is flexible so you can book all your tours and let us know the pick up times which will be suitable for you !

Asked By: Asked by Amanda Challinor
on 6th August 2015
FAQ Catagory:Booking Process

Hiya we cannot seem to login to find our details. My email is registering as an active customer. I have lost the details on meeting the guide etc due to a issue with my email account.

Please send us an Email to

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