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Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle

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Visit Cairo's most impressive sights on our Cairo tour from Hurghada! We'll pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada and drive to Cairo in the night in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach where we'll discover the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the Hanging Church and Famous Bazaars of Cairo!

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Cairo City and Pyramids Tour from Hurghada Hotel Pickup We'll pick you up early (2am) from your hotel in Hurghada and drive through the night to Cairo, where we'll begin our tour of the magnificent Cairo. Cairo Tour to the Great Pyramid of Giza

Also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops, the Great Pyramid is the oldest and largest of the Pyramids of Giza. Composed of over 2.3 million blocks of granite weighing 25-80 tonnes each, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one that still remains largely intact, the Great Pyramid never fails to astound and amaze. Built over a 20 year period, the Great Pyramid initially stood at 146 meters, making it the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years. Our highly-trained Egyptologist tour guide will be able to give you any information you need on the Pyramids including supposed construction methods (nobody really knows for sure), materials used, labour used and why the pyramids were built. There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid, the lowest was cut into the bedrock beneath the pyramid, with the Kings chamber and Queens chamber higher up in the structure. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only pyramid in Egypt known to contain both ascending and descending passages. The main part of the Giza complex is a set of building that include two mortuary temples, three smaller pyramids for Khufu's wives, an even smaller pyramid, a raised causeway connecting the two temples and smaller tombs for nobles. Visit the Sphinx on our Cairo Sightseeing Tour

Translated as "Ther Terrifying One" but more commonly referred to as the Sphinx, this limestone statue of a mythical creature with a lions body and human head stands on the west bank of the Nile in Giza. Believed to have been built by the ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdon during the reign of Pharoh Khafra around 2558 BC (the Pharoh who built the second pyramid), this amazing statue stands 20m high and 73 meters long and is the oldest known monumental sculpture in the world. Throughout Egyptian history the Sphinz has been reveared with ancient Egyptians looking up at it with "divinity", and even to today it remains shrouded in mystery, with basic information like when it was built and by whom still debated. There are even theories of Kings being buried in it! The Sphix is an awesome sight and rich in history, over its lifetime being buried in sand for hundreds of years and then dug back out. There are also stories of Napoleon's soldiers shooting cannonballs at the great Sphinx and breaking off it's nose. Khafre's Tremples

At the base of Khafre's pyramid, the second tallest of the Pyramids of Giza, lies Khafres temple complex. These have remained in much better condition that other temples in the area and is the best example for us to explore. Built from megalithic blocks, weighing up to 400 tonnes each, this beautiful temple houses five storage chambers, an entrance hall, a columned court and an inner sanctuary to explore. The interior of the temple has been remarkably well preserved and the temple of Giza are an amazing sight that have to be seen. Lunch on the Nile After exploring Cairo Museum we'll have a delicious buffet lunch at a restaurant alongside the famous River Nile, the lifeblood of Cairo. Egyptian Museum Tour

Inside this massive and world-famous museum you'll find the most important pieces of Egyptian history including Pharaonic antiques and the treasure of Egypt's best known King, Tutankhamen. This massive museum in Tahir Square was established in 1902 and includes seven floors filled with fascinating artifacts such as two statues of King Tutankhamen made of cedar wood and covered in fine gold, a statue of King Akhenaton, Ushabtis statues that belonged to the Nubian kings, a mummy of a child and a small plychrome glass vase. During the Egyptian revolution of 2011the museum was broken into and two mummies were destroyed as well as around 50 objects being lost and several damaged. Since then 25 of those objects have been successfully recovered. The Egyptian Museum spans across 2 floors, the ground floor housing numerous objects including papyrus with written Greek, Latin, Arabic and ancient Egyptian, and coins, again not only Egyptian ones but also Greek, Roman and Islamic, highlighting Egypt's rich history. The ground floor also houses large statues, tables and coffins. On the first floor you'll find artefacts from the final two dynasties of Egypt including items from the tombs of Pharohs Tutmosis III, Thutmosis IV, Amenophis II, Hatshepsut, and the courtier Maiherpri, as well as many artefacts from the Valley of the Kings, in particular the material from the intact tombs of Tutankhamen and Psusennes I. Two special rooms contain a number of mummies of kings and other royal family members of the New Kingdom. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities is a fascinating place that allows you to see all the antiques that would have been buried in the ancient kings of Egypt's tombs and pyramids as well as some of the mummified kings themselves. Optional Sound and Light Show

To end our fabulous tour of Cairo there's an hour at the end where you can decide to either watch the sound and light show at the pyramids or do your own thing for an hour. Drive back to your Hotel in Hurghada Our guided tour of Cairo takes you to one of the most amazing sights in the World - the Great Pyramid of Giza, we'll see inside an ancient unearthed tomb, see the mythical Sphinx, and the bazaars. You'll finally get to see the sights and places we all learnt about at school or watched a program on TV about in a day that you'll always remember, and you'll come back much more interested in Egypt's fascinating history that when you left. After a fantastic day we'll drive back to Hurghada in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach where we'll drop you to your hotel.

Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle Reviews

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Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Cairo with Egypt Excursions. We knew it was a long day but our driver Mohammed was punctual to arrive to pick us up at the hotel. Although he did not speak much English this did not matter as he tried hard to make us feel comfortable and safe in the drive to Cairo from Hurghada.

We met our guide Hima in Cairo who was extremely knowledgeable and made the trip to the pyramids very seamless and stress free (he took us away from the majority of the tourists).

We had a nice lunch and visited some shops (art and perfume) but no one was too pushy to make us buy things. Then we visited the Egyptian museum - there is no air con in the museum so remember to bring water and a fan.

All in all a great day and we were so glad we picked to complete a private tour as we could take the day at our own pace especially in the heat of the summer!
Emily - 30th Aug 2023
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
Highly recommend! We had a fantastic day. The hotel pick up was nice and easy and a pleasant air conditioned car trip to Luxor. No hassle of busy coaches with lots of other people super early in the morning. Perfect way to start the trip. Once arriving at our first destination we meet with our private guide Mahmood who was amazing. So knowledgeable, talking through the history of each place and providing opportunities to add to our trip if we wanted but happy to continue if we chose not to take any extras. Going across the Nile by boat and going down to Tutankhamen's tomb was certainly worth the extra bit (about an extra £14). It was a long day but we got to take it at our pace and because it was a private tour there was no waiting around for others to rejoin the group and when its 42 degrees the last thing you want to be doing is waiting in the heat. We chose to do this experience on our 3 day (went for 10 day holiday) as we knew it was a long day and glad we did as we felt like we had need a few days to relax afterwards! I cannot speak highly enough of the places we saw and of Mahmood and the driver (apologies I cant remember how to spell you name) but he stopped and pick us all up some ice lollies for the drive back which was very sweet. If your looking to go to Luxor this was the way to do it!

Thanks for a great day
Sarah & Steve
Sarah from Johnson - 30th Sep 2019
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
Excellent day, pick up on time from hotel on a/c coach flight check in easy pick up at cairo on time citadel museum lunch nile boat trip pyramids and then the Sphinx and local shops, back to the airport easy pick up from airport and back to the hotel for drinks fantastic and my boys of 13 and 10 said awesome a day they will never forget. Mamhood our guide was excellent very informative and funny great with the boys, also the camera.
Booking was easy online in uk before our holiday, much cheaper and personalised than through holiday reps. Paid with PayPal deposit in UK, email confirmation and meeting time arranged at Hotel to pay rest of the fee in cash..... I was little nervous handing over a wad of cash two days before the excursion but so glad I did. Fantastic day that my family will remember forever.
Steve and Katie Kelly from England - 9th May 2019
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
If I could rate higher than a 5 I would.
Yes, it was a long journey but we couldn't have had better care or attention. Our guide Mahmoud was amazing, hugely knowledgeable about his country and passionate about it's history. As we took the VIP tour it meant we could control our day, where we went and how long we stayed. Mahmoud and his driver were more like friends....chatty, up for a laugh and more than happy for us to take as long as needed at each location.
We look a small day trip through another company via our hotel....never again! Egypt Excursions all the way from now on!
Sheree Fawkner Simpson from England - 20th Apr 2018
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
This was the first time we had ever booked excursions through an external party and not used our travel company rep. We were anxious to begin with that things wouldn't go to plan and all I can say is that any anxieties were laid to rest very quickly and because of our experience with (aka sharm excursions aka al raga tours) we are desperate to return to Egypt and enjoy more experiences in this history and culture filled country. We booked the airport pick up and our flight was delayed by 3 hours but we were still greeted on time by our friendly driver with a warm welcome. We were transported to our hotel and given useful information and advice along the way and were told of all of the finer details of the other excursions we had booked which gave us piece of mind for the rest of our trip. We were given a local contact number in case of any problems or if we had any questions. We went on the quad bike excursions that included a camel ride and visit to a Bedoun tribe. This was professionally run with bilingual staff and exceptional value for money. The experience was amazing and we had a great day. We booked the Cairo trip by road and this is where I would like to give a special mention as this excursion made our holiday and inspired us to return back to Egypt as soon as we can and without doubt book with this excursion company again. We had a personal guide named Osama who was polite, helpful, intelligent, approachable, professional and great company but above all things he was a bank of remarkable knowledge . Osama is an Egyptologist and was able to confidently answer any questions but gave us a remarkable history lesson during our day with him. He took the best pictures and filled us with a passion to return back to Egypt and learn more. Anything we expressed that we wanted to do or know Osama went out of his way to make it possible. I loved the cartouche jewellery piece that Osama wore and he took us to the place he bought his, he was friends with the manager and we were treated so well and were able to buy a lovely Egyptian piece that has a lot of sentiment. I became ill and Sam went and got me medication which made me feel much better and in the early hours when we arrived we were a bit cold and he offered to go and get us warm jackets and he took us for a coffee which he insisted he paid for. Also we didn't have enough money with us to do all the extra things we wanted to do on the trip and Osama paid these things out of his own pocket and allowed us to give him the money at the end of the day. All in all we cant speak highly enough about our experience with a special thanks to Osama and his driver. Claire and John Dundee
Claire johnstone from Scotland - 10th Jan 2018
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
We booked our trip to Cairo before leaving home , a little skeptical at first but had no need to worry. We were picked up by our driver bang on time along with 2other couple's . After along drive we arrived in Cairo early morning picking up Fatma Bayomi Shaffey our guide for the next too days (I must say our most valuable guide ) Fatma guided us around the museum with great expertise I learnt so much . After lunch we went to the pyramids again fatma was a mind of information and a fantastic photographer she took charge of our cameras and photographed us climbing the pyramids, she also kept the sellers at bay but got us some great deals on gifts we did want to buy . Our over night hotel was great lovely food . That evening fatma and hussin our driver came back to pick us up to take us to the sound and light show at the pyramids it wasn't on the engender but nothing was too much trouble . Next were picked up from hotel with a free choice of what ever we wanted to see or do . Old Cairo town was chosen another great day . Fatma and Husain you couldn't has asked for a better guide and driver ,hope any one booking a trip have the great experience these two provide ,we left having made two new friends .
Tina and Mel
Tina jackson and mel fenton from Uk - 17th Dec 2017
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
Very good service! I could not recommend enough! We booked a group tour to Cairo from Hurghada but we were upgraded for free to a private tour. The driver and the tour guide were great, very friendly and extremly helpful! We had an awesome time and are very grateful to the manager and everybody else that ensured we had a nice time! Well done!!
Velica Oana from Manchester - 6th Nov 2017

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Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle Customer Questions

Asked By: Asked by Mark Twiss
on 8th March 2019
Concerning Tour:
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hi, was wondering if you could provide a private driver with vehicle to drive to Giza from Hurghada for an overnight stay. Leaving Hurghada on morning of Friday 15th March to arrive at Giza le Sphinx Mecure Hotel for mid afternoon and then to return from the Giza hotel back to Hurghada on the morning of Saturday 16th. There will be two adult passengers. If you provide this service please provide a price. There is no tour required just transport to Giza and back. Thanks.

Hello Yes we offer this private trip to Cairo and if will be without entrance fees the cost will be 18 GBP. Less ! Mohamed

Asked By: Asked by Diane
on 2nd June 2018
Concerning Tour:
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

I am interested in booking the above mentioned tour, but I was wondering what time roughly the pick up time is from the hotel and is breakfast/lunch included in the price? Please confirm what is included in the package. Thank you

The pick up time for this trip to Cairo by road from Hurghada will be between 01:30 and 02:30 according the location of your hotel . Lunch, entrance fees, English speaking guide and all transfers included in the price .

Asked By: Asked by Roger Thwaites
on 29th June 2017
Concerning Tour:
Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

hi i was wondering about the overnight trip to cairo from hurganda by bus.

is it safe as ive head coach trips to cairo should be avoided and how long does the coach trip last

This is very safe trip to go on it Cairo by road from Hurghada and it takes about 6 hours from Hurghada to Cairo and the same on the way back !

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