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Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road

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Full Day Tour

Discover Luxor's most impressive ancient sights on our day tour from Hurghada to Luxor. We'll see 2 amazing temples, the royal burial ground of the valley of the kings where Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered and make time for a delicious lunch

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Luxor Tour from Hurghada Our fantastic day tour tour from Hurghada to Luxor gives you the opportunity to see Luxor's biggest attractions in one fun-filled day. We'll start the tour by picking you up early from your hotel in Hughada and travel to Luxor in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach. On arrival to the magnificent City of Luxor, it won't take you long to realise why this historically rich sight is regarded as the "World's largest open-air museum". Karnak Temple On arrival to Luxor together with your Egypt Excursions highly trained, knowledgeable and friendly tour guide we'll explore Karnak - "the greatest example of workmanship in history". The Karnak Temple complex - known simply as Karnak, comprises a vast mix of temples, chapels and other buildings dating back as far as the reign of Senusret I in the Middle Kingdom. The area surrounding Karnak was the ancient Egyptian's main place of worship of the eighteenth dynasty. Our guided tour will take you around the impressive and vast open-air museum of Karnak, the second largest ancient religious site in the world and the second most visited historical site in Egypt after the Great Pyramids of Cairo. The size, diversity and complexity of the ancient buildings of Karnak are due to the length of time Karnak was developed over, with approximately 30 pharaohs contributing to it over their respective reigns of Egypt, this is unheard of from any other temples in Egypt. Walking around Karnak you'll see a staggering amount of carvings all over the stone built temples, representing the gods and figures worshiped from the very ancient to the different gods worshiped in the later stages of ancient Egyptian civilization. Almost all our customers comment on how intricately detailed the carvings on Karnak temple are, bearing in mind the enormous size of the complex, and describe a feeling of awe similar to that of seeing the great Pyramids up close. Questions of "How did they achieve this!?" are regularly asked, especially when you consider the age of the temple. One of the more notable things you'll see as you make your way around Karnak is the Hypostle Hall, an enormous hall area of 5,000 m2 with 134 massive 10 meter tall columns arranged in 16 rows. The architraves on top of these columns weigh 70 tons, so the general theory is that they were built using massive levers requiring a great level of balance and time to get the massive stones to such a great height. There are many alternate theories to explain the building of Karnak, if you're interested then feel free to ask our guide. Hatshepsut Tempe Tour Next we'll continue our tour of Luxor's most impressive ancient sights at the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, located beneath the cliffs at Deir el Bahari along the Niles West Bank. Widely regarded as one of the "incomparable monuments of Ancient Egypt", this beautiful temple is different to many other ancient Egyptian temples with its lengthy terraces split over 3 levels. On our tour of Hatsepsut's temple we'll see the story of how Queen Hatshepsut came to be a female pharoh through colourful reliefs in the temple walls and ceilings. As always, your Egyptologist tour guide will tell you everything you want to know about this magnificent place from it's rich history to how it was built, as well as explaining what some of the hieroglyphics mean. Hatshesut's temple is a magnificent place that has to be seen on your day tour in Luxor. A Delicious Lunch After a fantastic morning exploring some of Luxor's impressive temples, we'll relax along the Nile at a local restaurant for a delicious buffet lunch and some drinks. Valley of the Kings No trip to Luxor would be complete without seeing the Valley of the Kings! The Pyramids of Giza were built for the Pharaohs of Egypt's Old Kingdom, but the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom wanted to be closer to the source of their dynastic roots in the south and so built splendid crypts in the barren dessert hills to the west of Luxor, in the Valley of the Kings. The ancient Egyptians built massive public monuments to their pharaohs, but they also built hidden underground mausoleums that no one was ever meant to see, it's these tombs now excavated in the Valley of the Kings that we'll be seeing on our tour. The Valley of the Kings became a royal burial ground for the Pharaohs such as Tutankhamen and Ramses II, as well as other royal figures in society such as queens, high priests and other elites of the 18th,19th and 20th dynasties. These ancient tombs tell of elaborate preparations for the next world in which pharaohs would need their bodies as they join the gods and so would require mummification to keep it in good order. Within these well hidden tombs was also vast amounts of treasure, food, linen, flowers, beer, wine and everything else a kings would need in the next world even including beloved companions from this life. It was widely believed that the Valley of the Kings had given up all it's secrets and that all the tombs had been found throughout the thousands of years since their construction, however Howard Carter's find of king Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922 proves that there may still be tombs waiting to be found. Return to your Hurghada Hotel After seeing Luxor's most impressive sights on our famous tour of Luxor from Hurghada we'll travel back to your hotel in Hurghada by air conditioned coach, getting back around 8:30 PM. in the evening.

Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road Reviews

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Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
We booked our day trip to Luxor while we were in the UK. We received an email with all our details and where to meet to pay the outstanding balance of the trip. All went well and we arranged to be picked up at 5:15 am we were met by an air conditioned car. The driver was really nice and friendly. It took about 3 and a half hours to arrive in Luxor.
We then met Mahmoud our guide and off to Karnak temple . After lunch we then went to the valley of the kings and Hatshepsut temple. Mahmoud was fantastic he kept us up to date with all the information we needed and explained the history of everywhere we went. His passion and enthusiasm shone through and we really enjoyed his company.
We did visit a Papurus shop and a Alabaster shop. To be honest we would have rather not done this but we understand why it’s on the tour. After that we said goodbye to Mahmoud and sent off back to Hurghada arriving around 8pm. It is a long day but well worth the trip. Thanks to Ibrahim the driver and Mahmoud for a fantastic day.
The Gearys from Leicester - 31st Jul 2019
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
I would 100% recommend Egypt Excursions as a fantastic tour company. After originally booking a one-day excursion to Cairo by plane, several months before our trip, we decided to change our plans 10 days before; and were easily able to amend our booking to a one day private tour of Luxor and also the glass bottom boat trip from Hurghada. Mohamed Mahdy was very helpful both with our initial booking and the subsequent change to the tour without any difficulty and promptly responded to my e-mails.
I was met by Khalib outside our hotel to pay the balance for our trips at the agreed time and received our excursion vouchers. We were promptly picked up on the day by private mini-bus to go on the glass bottom boat trip, which was amazing; a huge very well maintained three level ship, along with plenty of underwater viewing areas. We were expecting a much smaller boat for the tour price, so were pleasantly surprised (and we saw that other tours do use smaller boats). The trip lasted a full two hours, the crew were very friendly and took loads of great photos of us, which you can purchase on CD for an extra charge (and at a good price if you haggle!), plus you can also buy refreshments on-board. You can even snorkel in the Red Sea for 30 minutes if you wish. We were picked up by private mini-bus at the end of the trip and thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. Many thanks to Khalib who accompanied us on the transfer, a true gentleman.
Our second trip was a full day excursion to Luxor, again by private mini-bus (which was exclusively ours for the day) and with our very own tour guide, Mahmoud, who met us at Luxor and accompanied us for the whole day (I would definitely recommend paying a very reasonable extra charge for a private tour). We were picked up outside our hotel at the agreed time of 5:15am and the journey to Luxor was nearly four hours, but includes a welcome half-way 20 minute stop for a refreshment break. You get to see some amazing sights on the journey as you pass through several villages en-route and will see the real Egypt away from the tourist areas. There were several check-points on the way, but we were waved through without any problems and felt very safe at all times. The Egyptian driving ‘system’ is nothing like we are used to in the UK, but our driver was excellent and the air-conditioning made it a very comfortable trip.
On our arrival at Luxor, Mahmoud explained the itinerary for the day and took us first into Karnak Temple, buying our entrance tickets for us (which are all included in the tour price) so there was no queuing to get in. Mahmoud was very friendly and knowledgeable, imparting lots of interesting facts about the temple and was he was great interacting with our two boys, answering all of their questions. After a guided tour, we were allowed to explore the rest of the temple at our own pace and met Mahmoud back at the entrance to go on the next stage of our tour. We decided to pay extra to go on a private boat trip along the River Nile, where our youngest son (10 years old) got to drive the boat himself, which he absolutely loved. Mahmoud then took us for our buffet lunch (which is also included in the price, except for drinks that are not expensive).
After lunch we headed to the Valley of the Kings, where we got to see three very different tombs, excellently chosen by Mahmoud (you can pay extra to go into King Tut’s tomb, but we decided not to add this). Next, we stopped at an alabaster workshop (where you can buy souvenirs if you wish); and then finally we visited the fantastic Temple of Hatshepsut, which we explored at our own pace, meeting back with Mahmoud at the entrance when we were finished. After a quick stop at the Colossi of Memnon (at our request), we then re-stocked our water supply at a local supermarket (you will pay much more if you buy from the on-site shops) and then we travelled back to Hurghada (again with a half-way break). Our driver was also happy to stop at McDonalds in Hurghada, before arriving back at our hotel around 8:30pm, at the end of a long but fabulous and unforgettable day. A special thanks goes to Mahmoud for being such an excellent guide.
I would have no hesitation in giving Egypt Excursions a 10 out of 10 rating, as both our tours were excellently organised, very reasonably priced (compared to other tour operators) and represented great value for money.
Michael from Cambridgeshire - 22nd Apr 2019
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
Enjoyable day out, 5.15am start, friendly driver, the early start was an advantage as we made it to Karnak Temple before the crowds, we met our guide Mahmood there, he was very friendly and informative. Went on a boat trip on the Nile, then lunch in a local restaurant, after lunch we went to Valley of the Kings and Hatchepsut Temple.
Long day, but saw everything we needed to. Would definitely recommend this tour.
Colette - 18th Apr 2019
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
We booked our trip in the UK before we arrived in Egypt and took this trip on 11th March 2019 from our hotel at Makadi beach. We were picked up at 5.30am from our hotel by a limousine and had the luxury of travelling all the way to Luxor (3.5 hours) on our own where we met our guide Mahmoud waiting for us at the Temple of Karnak. Surprisingly we were the only ones on the tour but that allowed us to pretty much dictate how the day went. Mahmoud was a very friendly and knowledgeable guide having studied Egyptology in Cairo and we felt well informed. He guided us around the Temple pointing out a lot of interesting information before giving us some free time to wander around this amazing place. Our next stop was the choice of visiting a perfume factory or papyrus factory before lunch. We chose to do neither as we weren't interested so we just headed to the West Bank for the buffet lunch (drinks extra). We had the option of taking a short boat ride across the Nile (for a additional charge) to our lunch destination but we decided to stay with the limousine and drive there. After lunch we headed to the Valley of the Kings where included in the price is the entrance to 3 tombs. The tomb of Tut Ankm Amun is NOT one of the 3 and you will need to pay an additional £12.50 per person for the privilege. Photographs are NOT allowed in any of the tombs unless you pay extra and even if you paid extra to see Tut Ankm Amun, photographs are NOT allowed in there at all. Mahmoud let us take all the time we needed exploring the tombs on our own and once we were ready our next stop was the Temple of Hatshepsut. Again after giving us some interesting facts about the Temple, we were allowed to explore on our own and at our pace. Finally before we set off back to Hurghada we had the chance to visit an Alabaster shop where they made and sold their wares. An ideal place to get your souvenir of the day. Credit Cards are accepted!! We arrived back at our hotel at 6.00pm which would probably have been more like 8.00pm if there had been a few others on the tour. Overall a great day!! A big thank you to Mahmoud. We would definitely recommend using Egypt Excursions for your trips. Our only negative experience of the entire trip was that at all the 3 locations we visited your had to brave the gauntlet of souvenir shops and being hassled by the shop keepers before you got to the ticket office. Still, it didn't ruin our day!
David Alton from Doncaster, UK - 15th Mar 2019
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
What a fantastic day and informative day.

Picked up promptly at 5am and after picking up the other guests (there were 6 of us all together) we headed for Luxor. Quick stop off en route at an 'Egyptian service station', well somewhere to go to the toilet, get something to eat and be hassled by sellers. Once we arrived in Luxor we were met by Marwa, who was our guide and off to Karnak temple. Fantastic tour here with lots of information and we set our pace, so wasn't rushed at all. After Karnak, it was back into the minibus and off to lunch. We asked if we could have a boat trip and so happily paid a bit extra to have a trip at the Nile. We had 3 children in our group and each one given the opportunity to drive the boat - which was fun. Lunch was in a local restaurant - it wasn't the best of lunches but filled a gap. You did have to pay for your drinks, which was about £1.50 for a soft drink. Next was a visit to a Papyrus shop, showing us how Papyrus is made. Obviously there was an opportunity to buy, but we all decided not too. Back into the minibus for a stop at the Colossi of Memnon & then to Hatsheput temple. Again Marwa gave us lots of details and history about the temple and gave us plenty of time to have an explore and look round. Then finally it was off to the Valley of the Kings with a quick stop at an Alabaster factory, again with a demo and a chance to buy. At the Valley of the Kings, you have entry to 3 tombs included in the price. You have to pay LE300 if you wish to take photos in the tombs. These were amazing & Marwa gave us details of the tombs so that we could decide which ones to go into. We all paid the extra to visit King Tut's tomb, although the tomb is fairly boring compared to the others, my son really enjoyed it especially as King Tut is still in there. This ended our tour of Luxor and it was back onto the minibus for the trip back to Hurghada. We had a comfort stop again & arrived back at our hotel at 8.30pm.

The trip was fantastic and Marwa was brilliant and happily answered any questions my son had. The day did not feel rushed and with such a small group we all felt that we got a very personal tour. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

My only negative was constantly being asked for tips to use the toilet or being shown something at the temples or in the tombs. But this did not spoil the day.
Sally-Anne from London - 27th Feb 2019
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
There are 5 things that you need from a tour like this:

1. Great price: half the price of the same trip offered by my travel rep.
2. Pick up on time: It was.
3. A safe driver: just the right mix of fast and careful and always waiting for us when and where we needed him.
4. A good guide: ours was excellent; knowledgeable and with good English.
5. Enough time: we were in full control and had ample time in each location.

I don't know if you were counting but I make that 5 out of 5.
Russell from UK - 16th Feb 2019
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
The tour started at 5: 20 am, we were picked up from our hotel and had 3 hours road trip in a mini van with air conditioner.
we were greeted by Marwa in Luxor. She was very pleasant and nice and bombard us with lots of information. I recommend to have both Cairo and Luxor trip if you really like history. They will complete the puzzles of Egyptian secrets for you.
Marwa suggest us to have the lunch on Nile River which was Great. While we has the food she was telling more information on Nile and other places we suppose to visit after the river sightseeing.
I really recommend the trip, you cant go to Egypt and miss the Luxor trip with this team.
Staff were informative, professional and very friendly.

Great Job Marwa
Reza &Parisa from London - 11th Jan 2019

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Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road Customer Questions

Asked By: Asked by Amanda Bagshaw
on 6th April 2019
Concerning Tour:
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

I am interested in booking this tour for 2 adults and 2 teenagers aged 14 and 16 on the 18th April.
I would like to know how many other people would be on the same tour and travelling with us for this trip?
Thank you

Hello, We arrange this tour as a small groups between 6 till 10 persons to offer the best service ! Mohamed

Asked By: Asked by David Alton
on 13th December 2018
Concerning Tour:
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

We will be visiting Hurghada from 07/03/19 to 14/03/19 and staying at the Serenity Makadi Beach hotel. Do you offer free pick-ups and drop-offs from Makadi Bay?

Will there be an opportunity to visit Tutankhamuns tomb while at the Valley of the Kings?

Hello, for all our tours we will pick you up from your hotel in Makkadi to go on your trip and after the trip will drop you off at the hotel but for extra cost only 20 GBP. extra for all of you for each tour . during your Luxor full day trip from Hurghada for sure you have availability to visit the tomb of king Tutankh-Amoun .

Asked By: Asked by Mrs. Mary Anne Gugan
on 19th July 2017
Concerning Tour:
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hi Mohammad, we had a private tour of Cairo with your company from Sharm el Sheik in August 2014. We had a fantastic day and would like to use you again but this time for a private tour of Luxor from Hurgarda. As well as all the sights of the Valley of the Kings and Luxor its self we have heard about a little island that can be reached by sail boat and wondered if it would b possible to incorporate this into the day as well? We will be staying at the Premier Le Reve hotel and arrive on 11/08/17. We would like to go to Luxor on Thursday 17/08/17. Please could you see if this would be possible for us to do.
Thank you
Kind regards
Mary Anne Gugan

Welcome back to our lovely country regarding your Private Luxor trip from Hurghada For Sure this is possible , also you can book the 2 days private trip if you have time to cover every thing in Luxor . but if you want only one day private trip also this is available with us !

Asked By: Asked by Patrick Connor
on 3rd January 2017
Concerning Tour:
Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road
FAQ Catagory:Specific Excursion

Hi, there seems to be limited info regarding this trip, could you please let me know if the £47 fee is all in and that there are no extras tp pay .
Many thanks,

yes this is the total cost for this trip with a group , normally our group in this trip between 5 and 10 persons .

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