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Excursions, Tours and Trips from Hurghada

Boasting year-round sunshine and beautiful beaches lapping up the Red Sea, Hurghada is a great place to holiday in Egypt, famed primarily for the brilliant water-based tours and activities that are on offer such as snorkelling and boat trips.

Egypt Excursions offer a wide range of tours and activities to do on your holiday to Hurghada, Egypt including snorkelling trips to the beautiful Giftun Island and guided tours to Luxor.

Tours and Trips from Hurghada

Trips from Hurghada to Cairo

Cairo 2 Days Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle

This 2 day Cairo tour from Hurghada gives you the opportunity to see more of Cairo's many magnificent sights, including the Sphinx, Pyramids, Temp...

Cairo by Plane From Hurghada One Day Private Trip

Visit Cairo's most impressive sights on our Cairo tour from Hurghada! We'll fly to Cairo from Hurghada airport and discover the Pyramids of Giza, the ...

Cairo One Day Private Tour from Hurghada by A/C Vehicle

Visit Cairo's most impressive sights on our Cairo tour from Hurghada! We'll pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada and drive to Cairo in the night in...

Cairo Tour from Hurghada - Overnight Private Trip By Plane

This 2 day Cairo tour from Hurghada gives you the opportunity to see more of Cairo's many magnificent sights, including the Sphinx, Pyramids, Temp...


Explore the Pyramids of Giza, as-well as Cairo's beautiful medieval fortresses and mosques on our range of day tours from Hurghada to Cairo.

Our famous Cairo tours from Hurghada take you to Cairo's spectacular ancient sights along with our brilliant guides to show you what's what.

Luxor Tours from Hurghada

Full Day Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Road

Discover Luxor's most impressive ancient sights on our day tour from Hurghada to Luxor. We'll see 2 amazing temples, the royal burial ground of the va...

Luxor 2 Days Private Tour by Road from Hurghada

Explore Luxor's most impressive sights on this 2 day tour from Hurghada. We'll see the City of the Dead at the Valley of the Kings, the impres...


From the Valley of the Kings to Karnak Temple, explore the awesome sights of Luxor on our guided tours of Luxor from Hurghada.

Adventure Tours in Hurghada

Diving in Hurghada

Our full day diving tour in Hurghada is perfect for entry-level divers looking for a fun, safe and low-priced introduction to diving in one of the mos...

Glass Bottom Boat Hurghada

Pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada to Explore the beautiful Red Sea that surrounds Hurghada and lookout for dolphins, rays, turtles and plenty of...

Hurghada Desert Buggy Safari Trip

Race across the beautiful deserts that surround Hurghada on our exhilarating desert buggy safari. You'll get a chance to take in the majestic sunr...

Hurghada Desert Jeep Safari at Sunset ( Stopped Now )

Discover how the Bedouin live in the deserts 35km outside of Hurghada on this 4x4 desert safari. You'll ride a camel, have a delicious BBQ dinner and ...

Hurghada Fishing Trip ( Stopped Now )

Make the most of Hurghada's famously good fishing on our Hurghada Fishing Tour. Perfect for solo guests or the whole family, your crew will be at ...

Hurghada Quad Biking Tour

Experience the beautiful desert of Hurghada on our Hurghada quad biking experience. What better way to see the stunning deserts than whilst racing acr...

Sinbad Simi Submarine Tour from Hurghada

Explore the beautiful waters of the Red Sea that Surrounds Hurghada and it's massive array of marine life from the comfort of a purpose-made subma...


Book yourself and your family in for a lot of fun on our adventure tours in Hurghada!

Snorkelling Tours in Hurghada

Snorkeling and Relaxing Trip to Sharm El Naga Bay

El-Naga is famous for it's crystal clear waters and stunning coral reefs, a fantastic place to spend the day relaxing on the beautiful beach and e...

Snorkeling Trip to Giftun Island from Hurghada

Snorkel amongst beautiful coral reefs, and swim with the dolphins at Giftun Island National Park. We'll stop at the best snorkelling spots on the ...

Snorkelling Trip at Magawish Island by Boat ( Stopped Now )

Explore the warm, clear waters on our boat tour to Magawish Islands where you'll snorkel in 3 different beautiful locations. When not snorkelling,...

Snorkelling with Wild Dolphins in Hurghada

The chance to go swimming with wild dolphins in Hurghada is a dream come true for many of our customers who have always wanted a chance to interact up...


Explore the beautiful marine life of the Red Sea on our family-friendly snorkelling tours in Hurghada.

Luxor and Cairo Tour from Hurghada

Cairo and Luxor Private Tour from Hurghada by Plane

A combination of 2 of our favourite tours - allowing you to see more of Egypt's most famous sights. If you love history, or can't chose between Cairo ...


A combination of our top 2 tours from Hurghada allowing you to see Egypt's best sights

Hurghada Airport Transfers

Private Airport Transfers in Hurghada

Meet and assist upon arrival at Hurghada airport by our friendly staff. Book a private airport transfer in Hurghada for just £4 per person and start ...


Our private airport transfer service will take you from Hurghada airport to your hotel in style.

Tours and Excursions in Hurghada

One of Egypt's most popular holiday resorts, Hurghada offers visitors a massive range of things to do on their holiday from relaxing on the beautiful golden sands beaches to fantastic tours and excursions.

Where is Hurghada?

Located on the Red Sea Coast, the Egyptian holiday resort of Hurghada stretches 22 miles along the golden sand shoreline of the warm waters of the Red Sea.

Hurghada resort is separated into 3 sections:

  • Downtown Hurghada - the oldest part of the City
  • Sekella - the City centre
  • El Memsha - the modern part of Hurghada

History of Hurghada

Until as late as the 80's, Hurghada was just a small fishing village, however heavy international investment coupled with the locations natural beauty has led to Hurghada quickly becoming Egypt's most popular beach holiday destination for UK holiday makers as-well as international holidaymakers looking for a chilled-our atmosphere and beautiful beaches.

Not much is known about Hurghada itself before it's development for tourism, it was a fairly unremarkable village known by locals for it's pretty location and small fishing industry.

Better known in the area is the port of El Quseir, about 80km south of Hurghada and a large and well-known port, used for centuries to import coffee from the Republic of Yemen.

in 1493 BC explorers were sent by Queen Hatshepsut, who's temple can be seen today on our Luxor Tours, to the legendary land of Punt in the Horn of Africa - now known as Somalia. The Ancient Egyptian explorers travelled to Punt down the life-blood of Egypt- the River Nile and then through Wadi Tumilat in the Eastern Delta and then on to the Red Sea. Evidence suggests the Egyptians would disassemble their boats, carry them overland and then use them to trade with in the Red Sea.

This successful expedition from Egypt to Punt bought back precious treasures such as Gold, ebony, wild animals and skins, ivory, spices and much more.

The port of Al Quasayr has played a significant part in the local area of Hurghada's history, and Egypt's history as a whole.

In much more recent history, Hurghada was founded as a holiday resort aimed specifically at the water sports market. With it's famously clear Red-Sea waters filled with beautiful coral reefs and wildly-varied marine life from colourful fish to turtles and dolphins, Hurghada offers fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling trips.

Things to do in Hurghada

Due to its location and natural attributes, Hurghada is most famous for its water-sports, but there's far more than just watersports to keep holidaymakers happy.

Egypt Excursions offer a wide range of tours, excursions and trips in Hurghada, some of which are water based such as snorkeling and diving and some based in the deserts that surround Hurghada and further on to Egypt's other great cities such as Cairo and Luxor.

Snorkeling Trips in Hurghada

We offer a range of fantastic snorkeling tours and trips in Hurghada including Giftun Island, Magwish Island and Sharm El Naga Bay. All of these locations are famous for their natural beauty, crystal-clear warm waters and wide range of marine-life.

Adventure Tours in Hurghada

As well as water-based tours, we also offer a range of tours and excursions to the deserts that give way Hurghada City. Whether you decide to take a jeep safari in to the deserts, or explore it on your own quad bike, there's plenty to see.

Guided Tours to Cairo and Luxor from Hurghada

You've decided to make Hurghada the base for your holiday to Egypt - probably enticed by the golden sands and excellent water, but Egypt has much more to offer with its long and rich history.

Book our Luxor Tour from Hurghada or Cairo Tour from Hurghada and experience Ancient Egypt up-close. Our Luxor tour from Hurghada will show you around Luxor's most famous sights such as the Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatshepsut's amazing temple. Our Cairo tour from Hurghada will take you around the magnificent City of Cairo and to the world famous Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx for a once-in-a-lifetime day you'll never forget.

Although the resort of Hurghada has lots to keep you amused all holiday, be sure to check out Egypt's other great cities on our tours and excursions from Hurghada.

On all of our tours and excursions in Hurghada we'll pick you up from your hotel and drop you back off afterwards included in the price.

Gyms in Hurghada

Not quite in keeping with the chilled-out atmosphere of Hurghada, there are many gyms in the area for tourists to turn up and work out at. Lax gym is one of the biggest and offers modern equipment, friendly and knowledgable trainers and even a juice bar to top it off it you feel like pumping some iron on your holiday to Hurghada!

Shopping in Hurghada

Egypt is famous for its bazaars, and Hurghada has many to keep the most hard-core shopaholic happy! As well as traditional market stands you'll also find a modern shopping centre in the heart if Hurghada where you're sure to find something special and memorable to take home with you.

Discos and Nightlife in Hurghada

As Egypt's largest holiday resort Hurghada offers brilliant nightlife to holidaymakers. From bars serving delicious freshly made cocktails to large clubs in the town and even on the beach, there's no need to be getting back to your hotel early!

Weather in Hurghada

Owing to it's subtropical-desert climate, Hurghada boats warm winters (on average 22 degrees in December) and very hot summers (on average 36 degrees in August).

This means tourists escape to Hurghada from all over the world for some winter sun, with the whole year being warm and June to September being very hot.

Our Favourite Tour from Hurghada

Giftun Island Snorkelling Tour from Hurghada

Although we offer some fantastic land-based tours around Egypt from Hurghada, our favourite tour has to be one involving the magnificent warm, clear-blue waters of the Red Sea that meets the sandy coast-line of Hurghada.

Although the other holiday resorts in Egypt such as Sharm El Sheikh offer great snorkelling, Hurghada's snorkelling tours can't be beaten due to the magnificent locations that we visit - particularly the beautiful Giftun Islands Snorkelling Tour.

We've been running tours to Giftun Islands for over 20 years now and never get bored of it - this beautiful place holds a special place in our hearts due to it's idyllic setting and varied marine life that you'll see as you snorkel in the beautiful waters.

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